Spear & Jackson handsagir á frábæru tilboði

Spear & Jackson handsagir Predator 2017 (Gengi 1.10.2017)

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B9822                        Handsög 22“ HP Predator Universal / alhliða           975

B98FF                       Handsög 22“ HP Predator First Fix                             975

B98LAMINATE        Handsög 22“ HP Predator fyrir Parket                        975

B98SF                       Handsög 22“ HP Predator Second Fix                       975

B98TRIPLE              Handsög 22“ HP Predator Triplefast                           975

B98UPVC                 Handsög 22“ HP Predator PVC / Plast                       975

B98X                          Handsög 22“ HP Predator X / Alhliða                         975

4.7 Stjörnur á Amazon. Dæmi um umsagnir ( Airborne Raton 29 August 2011

I have used Bacho, Stanley, Draper etc - none are as sharp or cut as quickly and cleanly as the S&J Predator range. I have several friends who are professional carpenters and joiners and they would not use anything else. By British, Sheffield quality and you won't be disappointed!